Saturday, October 15, 2005


My mom is out of town visiting my grandmother in Korea, so my dad is home alone. My brother and sister and I call him every few days to make sure he's okay, and that he is not too lonely. My dad is so cute, with his broken English. So much so, that sometimes when I picture him, he turns into a cartoon character in my head. Our conversation the other night went something like this:

Me: Hey Dad, what are you doing while mom is out of town? Is everything okay?
Dad: Oh, yes, everything is good. Tonight I am meeting my aluminum for dinner.
Me: That's great! Wait. Your aluminum?
Dad: Yes, the a-LUM-inum!!
Me: But dad, that doesn't make sense! What do you mean?!
Dad: Oh, I am meeting my old friends from high school - my aluminum.
Me: OH!! Your ALUMNI!
Dad: Yes, my aluminum.
Me: NO DAD! Aluminum is like tin foil. ALUM-NI!
Dad: Heh heh. Ha ha. Yes, my Alumni.

He's so cute. I wish I was there to give him a big hug!


Kodijack said...

That is funny, but it would have taken me longer than that to figure it out.

Smakie said...

HAHAH love the broken Eng! :)

shellz said...

I've had many years of practice dissecting my dad's language!! And I must say that it's quite fun!! ; )

Mel said...

Your Dad is so cute! So funny.