Wednesday, December 06, 2006

20 (New) Things About Me

You can find the original 100 Things About Me here. Some things have remained the same, but a lot has changed since I wrote that post. That's the beautiful thing about this blog. It helps me track my evolution and growth. It's a tool that renders my deeply held patterns of behaviour virtually transparent. It's a mirror I can hold up to myself. It's hard to ignore something when you keep writing about it over and over again. Especially when the results are always the same. I read once that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Because, of course, the only common denominator in any situation is your Self, and that's truly the only thing you can change. Accept what is. Enough of that though. Here we go...

1. Everything is energy, and we exist in a vast quantum soup of energy.
2. We are all connected. I am you. You are me. Hurting you is like cutting off my own arm. Namaste.
3. There is a global brain, a database of consciousness, and so when one person raises their indiviual level of consciousness, we all benefit. The consciousness level of the All is subsequently raised.
4. My external reality is an exact match to my internal reality or in other words, "life is images of the mind, expressed."
5. I am the co-creator of my life, along with Source energy.
6. I am wholly responsible for every condition and circumstance in my life, whether it be positive, negative, joyful or trying.
7. I am powerless to create change in my life, until I accept responsibility for all that I have created in the past. Thus accepting responsibility for things I am not proud of is actually a gift.
8. I believe that as part of the human condition, we are limited by "time-space-consciousness," but that time and space are actually illusions.
9. The more I disconnect from the limits of time and space, the faster I can intend, create and manifest my own reality.
10. Life is all about frequency. If you are in a place of happiness, you will attract situations and people that bring you happiness. If you live in victim consciousness, you will attract situations and people that make you feel like a victim.
11. In any given moment, situation or circumstance, I can choose which frequency I'm on. I can shift my consciousness, and therefore my reality. This can happen in a split second. All I have to do is decide. Love is all there is.
12. Every experience I have had, am having and will have is a gift. Even the "negative" experiences are a gift, for they have shown me the true beauty and wonder of it's opposite.
13. Every person that comes into my life, (especially the ones that I have charge around), are there as a mirror. They reflect back to me the parts of myself that I have denied, shamed or hidden away.
14. Unconditional love is about accepting that everyone is on their own journey, and accepting where they are on that journey, and not trying to change anything about them.
15. Sometimes you have to let go of people you care about, because your frequencies do not match up, and you no longer serve each other's highest potential.
16. For me, this is the most difficult part of being on this journey.
17. Gratitude is the fastest route to Spirit.
18. I have had only a few moments of true connection with Source, (where my ego was actually silenced) and they have brought me to my knees. To be enveloped in the rays of the sun and feel the blue of the sky as the awe-inspiring, unconditional, beautiful love that they are, is unexplainable. I cannot begin to put it into words. I just felt profoundly held.
19. I am most at peace when I am living in the moment of Now.
20. The purpose of my life is what I say it is, and I choose my life to be about experiencing love, joy, peace and adventure.


furtheron said...

Wonderful post.

A lot more elegant than mine on the same topic would be and would I get to 20?

I might post on this....

hattigrace said...

Hey, seems like you and I have been on a similar ride! I have just been too busy and too overwhelmed to post anything. I got my office space cleaned out today, so now it feels good in here and I can THINK again!

Lots of new things happening. The big move to new salon in three weeks has kept me very busy! Salon owner used my graph paper plans instead of hiring an architect!!! How scarey for me!

Happy Holidays and may you continue to walk in peace. Sorry I had temporarily abandoned you.

David said...

Ok, I know it's supposed to be a list about twenty new things about you, and I'm not one to knit-pick, but how do #1, #3, #10, and #17 affect you? Like, what experiences have you had dealing with those topics, led you to such a revelation? I'm just curious...

FRQSTR=19359451x300782:1:4320|19359451|19359451|19359451|19359451 said...

What a beautiful, introspective, and well thought out post. Your affirmations inspire me to focus on living in the Now, being grateful, and allowing the positive energy to enter my life. Thank you!

EM said...

Your number 13... one of my best friends said that to me once, and I still haven't wrapped my head around that. Her advice was that the things that resonate the most strongly to me (good or bad) about people that I care for in my life are a reflection of what's in me. But I still don't see it. Perhaps I'm taking it the wrong way? Sometimes the bad that resonates with me is because I feel like I'm the polar opposite and it actually repels me from that person.

Anyhow, food for thought!

I'm glad for you as you continue your journey. Happy holidays Shellz.