Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beautiful, Glorious Prague

Well I've been in Prague since yesterday...and it is just awe-inspiringly, stunningly beautiful. I wasn't really feeling Vienna...not even after a week, but I am already totally in love with Prague.

Prague has the energy of a city on the brink. There's so much energy here, some of it not so positive, but it's all awesome. I guess the Czech Republic is a "recovering economy," and you can feel it. Everyone's trying to get ahead, everyone's trying to make their mark. There's huge contradictions all over the place. Super fancy Diesel and Gas retail stores juxtaposed with sketchy schillers trying to lure you into the many strip joints on the main drag.

"Please be careful in the tourist areas, there are master pickpockets in Prague. Even though their hands are cold, they are still very fast." the pension owner warns me.

As foreigners, we are obvious marks. I grip my purse tightly as we pass through the main square, but I love it. I love the chaos, the craziness, and the edge. I want to soak it all in, but I've only got 3 days. So off I go!!!!!


Swedish Girl said...

Prague!! Bea-yoootiful city! You're going to have a great craic!

(P.S. Poor pick-pockets with cold hands. Can't they buy those fingerless mittens? Or nick them, I mean?)

Mel said...

Damn I wish I was there with you. Shoulda. Enjoy. See you next week.