Monday, November 07, 2005

The Blue Roll

The strangest thing about Prague was the coloured toilet paper. It was all over the place. In my hotel room. In public toilets. Everywhere. Even the paper towels were coloured in some places.

Perhaps this was more of a statement about North American society than I thought. What? Did the asses of Canada and the US collectively decide one day that coloured toilet paper was unhealthy? That it wasn't good for us? That we could only use white paper products for the highly important task of ass-wiping?

"Let's ship all that coloured toilet paper over to Eastern Europe. No one will complain about it over there."

I watched the blue paper cirle it's way down the toilet, with a feeling something like revulsion, and thought, God things are antiseptic over in North America. But I guess maybe we like it that way. Even when we're wiping our bums.

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