Sunday, April 02, 2006

Birthday Pic

Well, I'm feeling pretty lazy about posting right now, so I thought I'd share a birthday dinner pic with you.

This is at Flow in pretentious Yorkville. The restaurant was beautiful, service was great, but it was way overpriced! Martinis were $18, tea was $6, and my latte was $12! Twelve dollars for a latte if you can believe it, and it wasn't even that good!! The lobster and crab ravioli appetizer for $22 came with a grand total of THREE average sized pieces. Sigh. That's Ruth, Mariana, Me, Em, Sasha and Mel.

The dessert plate on the other hand, was absolutely beautiful, and tasty too!! That gelato was soooo good.


David said...

So...who's that sexy raven-haired siren sitting on the left?

Fu said...

$12 for a Latte - that's £6.94! What nearly 7 quid for a coffee with a load of froth in it! Hey I moan at £2.50 ($4.31) in London and still cripe about it being £1.35 ($2.33) at work since Starbucks took over.

We should have this world wide cost of latte survey via the bloggers and then rise up against the coffe purveyors of the world and demand a reduction. (Strains of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance needed in the background here)

Ooops - I'm English and this is sounded a bit close to the sort of revolutionary talk that led to the Boston Tea party and.... :-)

Looks like you had a good time despite the rip off prices.

David - little advice mate, man to man. Read the caption don't just look at the pictures! Her names Ruth. :-) Pay attention to details like that women appreciate it :-)

Furtheron said...

How'd that happen? To quote King Crimson "I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress"

Oh God - now obsure prog rock band lyric references and it's not even 10am yet. The true Furtheron shows his true colours again!

I'm off to buy a not-as-overpriced-as-I'd-previously-thought latte from Starbucks.

EM said...

Happy Birthday fellow Aries! May the next year bring you much laughter and plenty more good food!! :)

Amanda Rose said...

WOW! $12 for a latte??? Yikes! Looks like you had a good time anyway judging by the smile. That's not hard to do though when you are surrounded by good friends. You look beautiful in the picture and I hope that this year is filled with plenty more fun!

Shellz said...

David - Furtheron gives good advice, pay attention to the details! Shall I tell Ruth she has an admirer in Arizona?

Furtheron - I removed the duplicate post for you. Heh Heh. I like the idea of the latte survey. We definitely need some kind of revolution! But maybe we should have the 1812 Overture as our theme song? It does have cannons in it!!

Em - Thanks for the bday wishes, but that pic is actually a few weeks old. LOL. I'm a Pisces baby!

Amanda - You are too sweet, and you're is awesome when you're surrounded by people you love!

EM said...

OH! You're one of THOSE! ha ha ha just kidding - I'm on the cusp, so I guess I can say fellow Pisces too. Either way, happy birthday.

David said...

Fu: Well, while you were reading, I was looking. How you could read, when someone with a smile like that is looking at's crazy!

K said...

I understand the incredibly difficult act of paying such prices for memories all too well!

But it sounds like it was lots of fun...