Sunday, April 23, 2006


I thought I would make a note of this historic day. For the first time EVER, the members of my family are in different, separate locations. There's always been at least 2 of us in the same city at the same time. But today, we are scattered all over the place!

I'm home, here in Toronto, blogging away.

My sister's home in Calgary, holding down the fort.

My brother just finished climbing Machu Piccu, and is on his way to Costa Rica.

My mom's visiting a friend in Edmonton.

And my dad is travelling through Korea and China.

It feels strange, like unseen threads of myself, parts of my tribe, are dispersed all over the world.


Smakie said...

I've been there done that. It IS a weird feeling.

Me: 'ssauga
Sis: Boston
Mother: China
Father: Brazil


but in the end, the tribe always meet again!

May said...

Here's food for thought....the family that gambles together, stays together. You guys should take up poker.