Friday, May 19, 2006

More Pictures

Well, I'm feeling pretty lazy about writing right about now. Those last few posts really sucked all the brain power out of me. Whew! So, I thought I'd share some more pics from my travels over the last 2 years. You can find the first sets of pictures here and here. Enjoy!

This is in a bed and breakfast in Montreal. My sis took this picture of me doing god knows what. I like it though. It feels like there's a story in this picture somehow.

This sign was part of an outdoor art installation in Vienna. There were signs with different sayings posted all over a park. I liked what this one said. The addition of the googly eyed little face on the bottom of the sign by some vandal was definitely an added bonus.

This is in Vancouver on, what I think is Kitsalano Beach. I'm sure I've totally massacred the spelling of that. Well, it was beautiful in any case. I like how romantic this picture feels, with the sun glinting off the water, and the silhouettes of my friends meandering lazily along the sand.


hattigrace said...

Love your photos!!!!!!!

Furtheron said...

Spot on with the quote with Vienna - it's all about choice. There's soem load of theory blah blah blah. The guy who runs the rehab I went to a couple of years ago was really big on it though. Whatever you do you have a choice to do it or not? Whatever you think about it is your choice? Emotions you have little choice over - but your reaction to those emotions and the people who provoke them you have the choice on your next actions.

Well something like that - I keep trying to remember it.

EM said...

It's Kitsilano so no you didn't massacre it too badly at all. Mostly known as Kits beach over here though. Probably cause no one can spell it. :)

Have an awesome long weekend!