Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I am totally and completely addicted to self-tests. I think maybe I have too much time on my hands at work. I am a government employeee after all! But really, I just love them. I think they're a lot of fun, and sometimes they're deadly accurate. I've done tons of them on There's fluff there, but also a bunch of Ph.D certified tests that are really interesting. Some examples:

According to the Inkblot Test, my unconscious mind is driven most by peace.
From the test: People who have peace as their unconscious drive tend to be independent thinkers who appreciate taking the time to get to know themselves well. If this is true for you, you're probably not one to shy away from life's big questions. You may even seek out chances to learn new things about yourself. By being willing to examine who you are and staying open to your environment, you foster a kind of fearlessness that can continually enrich your life.

The SuperIQ Test tells me that I'm an Imaginative Mastermind.
From the test: You're an extremely talented person, with skills across the board. There is next to nothing you can't do. Your creativity gives you the ability to make connections between different ideas and your many skills allow you to express those ideas in any way you see fit (whether it be through the spoken word, the written word, or a numerical equation). You also have a practical knowledge of how things work because you pay attention and are a quick study.

With your great imagination, you are able to extrapolate from one situation to the next. Sometimes you are able to imagine things that you have never seen before. You're always questioning your own assumptions, growing wiser all the time. That paired with your curiosity gives your intelligence a simultaneously youthful and wise quality. Young, because your perspective is fresh and your curiosity strong; wise, because you have learned so much in life, so quickly.

The ESP Test, says that my greatest psychic gift is Clairvoyance.
From the test: Having strong natural ability in clairvoyance makes you more able to see or know things in current time without receiving information through one of your five senses. It's been said that people who have extraordinary clairvoyant abilities can get information from "mindless objects." In other words, without picking up information or signals from other people, they simply know how things are. For instance, during a storm, a clairvoyant person might simply run into a woman walking down the street and know that strong winds have just knocked down a tree in that woman's yard — even if the woman doesn't know it yet herself.

SO! At Em's urging, I completed the Discovery Insights Profile. Some of it was on, some of it was off, but like Em, parts of it really made me laugh. The wording is just so funny in some places.

Key Strengths
- knows how to enjoy the journey as well as the destination
- compassionate to those around her
- often charming and persuasive
- strong sense of humour and fun
- investigative, interested and inventive

Possible Weaknesses
- does not enjoy working or being alone for long periods of time
- over optimistic about the abilities of others
- may open her mouth and fall in
- generally speaking, she is speaking generally!
- becomes impatient with routine and repetition

Strategies for communicating with Shelley:
- allow time for fun and socializing
- don't be too serious, dull or severe
- be personable and give sufficient time to "peripheral" matters

When communicating with Shelley, DO NOT:
- stick rigidly to business issues
- assume that her sunny disposition means that she agrees with everything you say
- inhibit or restrict "networking" opportunities

Essentially, I don't like working, and I talk and socialize too much! Ha Ha!


EM said...

Open your mouth and fall in...HA HA HA HA HA.

Hey try this one if you have time...

I'm curious - another topic - what value do YOU place on IQ, and what does it mean to you? Was discussing with a friend yesterday...

Furtheron said...

I just don't like working - end of!

David said...

I hate taking self-tests, because I'm afraid of the answer I'll get. I like knowing that I dont know how smart I really am...cuz in my mind I'm a total Einstein!

jase said...

i also like taking self-test, especially when i got a lot of time in my hand. They are actually very insightful and makes you think of things that you have not thought before.

hattigrace said...

I love taking them, too, when I have the time. Just wanted to say thankyou for your comment. It is all in my lower back, L5 is bulging, and the pain shoots down my left leg. I am going to really bring these fear issues to the Cross and get on with LIVING! I wanna be like Mary! Goog thing for me, all my personality tests say I thrive on working!!! God knew.