Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fake Beans

She walks with me on my way to the food court in the hospital behind my office building. She has grey hair cropped short on her head, and a strange look in her eye. I don't know her, but I see she has a government ID just like me, so I match my step to hers.

I ask her, "Are you going for coffee?"

"I'm going to Tim Horton's, because I only support Canadian companies," she says emphatically.

I pause, "I thought Tim Horton's was purchased by Wendy's. Aren't they American now?"

She stops, momentarily thrown. She looks so confused, I say, "maybe I'm wrong. I'm headed to Starbucks myself."

Relief washes over her. "Oh, you shouldn't go to Starbucks. They use fake coffee beans!"

I try not to laugh. "Oh really...well, see you later."

Fake coffee beans?! What could they possibly be using? Raisins? Chocolates? Plastic? People are really too much sometimes!


jase said...

Yeah, some people are really so weird! Hope you got your real coffee :)

Furtheron said...

No the beans are real but the water and milk are fake :-)

By the way - the noise of the machine. It's just a tape it doesn't really make that noise it's only to stop you having a conversation with the server and lowering thier productivity :-)

David said...

Oh no she di'int just dis my Starbucks! The bitch betta get to steppin'!

hattigrace said...

Need to give her the urban myths websites, huh? Maybe she could then breath and enjoy life a little more.

Sally said...

Yeah, that's pretty funny. Someone actually sent me one of those "Bill Gates is tracking this email!!" spams the other day. I can't believe some people are still THAT gullible.