Monday, November 06, 2006


My memories of Miami will always be tinged with the feeling of freedom that comes with riding on the back of a motorcyle. I'd hop onto Josep's Harley clad in only a tank top, jeans and sunglasses, and we'd take off for Key Biscayne or the beaches of Fort Lauderdale. Dangerous, yes, but nothing can compare to the feel of the Florida sun beating down on your bare arms and shoulders, the smell of the sea in your nose, and the wind whipping through your hair, as you roar past beautiful, blue vistas. Besides, when in Rome...

The first time out, we nearly ran out of "gasolina." Charming, even though it was accompanied by plenty of swearing and hitting of the Harley's gas tank. It's amazing how much a Spanish accent helps such situations.

"What will we do?" I asked, as the motorbike started to sputter.

"We will have to park the bike, find the gasolina, and take the bus."

In this moment, I decided that I would manifest a gas station. Partially, because I did not want to park, walk and take a bus. Partially, because I was having too much fun on the back of this bike. But also, because I had been doing so much work and reading on the Law of Attraction and quantum physics that I wished to try out my powers of reality creation. It was a grand experiment.

Quantum physics says that the universe is an energy soup, with all probabilities in it, happening at the same time. Time and space are illusions. We create our realities by tuning into the chosen frequency, and with the power of our belief, certainty and observation. Theoretically, I reasoned, this is possible.

I closed my eyes, got into a space of certainly, then said to him, "Don't worry. There's a gas station right around the corner."

"Ahhh, have you been here before?" he asked, relieved. This was, after all, our first date.

I hadn't.

I'm not really someone who consciously prays, but somehow, someway, I must have been, for when we rounded the corner, Josep exclaimed with wonder, "Look, there it is!"

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this a bizarre coincidence or did I actually manifest reality?

Honestly. It doesn't really matter. All I know, is that in that moment, I felt magical. I started to believe in myself as the creator of my life, circumstances and reality. And as I continue my exploration, it becomes increasingly obvious that this is how it's always been. I just wasn't conscious of it until Now.


Furtheron said...

I've been buried in that Cameron book you sent me. Now loads of it makes sense, even some of the Quantum Physics stuff. And I'm almost over the cynical view of "so where's the catch, where's then send me $100 and I'll give you the rest of the secret".

However I still have neither enough confidence in myself or the rest of the world I think to progress it.

Of course I've immediately forgotten my two worst character defects here - Impatients and Perfectionism. And so my projection is that I can't do it perfectly and I can't do it now so why bother. Crap!

Never learnt to ride a bike - often thought about it but the vision of Harley, sun, sand etc. doesn't quiet work here in cloudy, dull, grey, cold, damp Kent in Novemeber... :-)

hattigrace said...

I know I have been praying Jabez Prayer and all sorts of good things, favor, mercy and such have been happening for me and those I have been praying.

I need to seriously pray it over our house insurance situation.

Glad you did not have to walk far. Can do damage to shoes!