Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've been battling a terrible, gut wrenching cough for the last 2 weeks. Contrary to mainstream beliefs, I don't attribute it to the flu or a cold. I believe it's related to the release of a particular pattern of behaviour, and a clearing of the throat chakra (more explanation on this in a later post).

Because of this, I have stubbornly refused to take cough syrup, antibiotics or pharmaceuticals of any kind. In this type of healing crisis, medications would only suppress that which needs to be released. So, last week, I took nothing except high doses of vitamin C, and hot water with lemon juice and honey. Over the weekend, the cough escalated and I was woken from slumber many times over the course of the night, running to the bathroom hacking and gagging uncontrollably. Yes, it was as terrible as it sounds.

The beginning of this week was even worse. My internal organs now feel as though they've had a serious workout, and my abs are as hard as rocks from all the convulsing. On Monday, I upgraded my regimen to gargling with apple cider vinegar, herbal cough syrup from the Chinese grocery store and triple doses of antioxidants. Still the coughing continued unabated.

After 2 weeks of steady coughing, not sleeping and generally feeling like total crap I couldn't take it anymore, so I gave in and went to the pharmacy. I surveyed my options and then I reached for the Buckley's, which as many of you know, is renowned for it's terrible taste. And it is truly terrible. If cough syrup had an address, Buckley's would be at the bottom of hell's toilet. Remembering this, I put it back, and reached for their children's formulation instead. Grape flavoured and chewable, I figured this was the perfect solution. I popped a double dose into my mouth and started chewing happily.


After an intial flood of yummy grapeness in my mouth, the true flavour of the Buckley's took over. But this was much worse than a spoonful of cough syrup. It was stuck in my teeth and coating my tongue! There was no escape until it all dissolved painfully and slowly into my system.

And incidently, it didn't work. The cough is still here.

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