Monday, April 30, 2007


My alarm goes off. It's 8:15. I have to be at work by 9:30. Still. I can't seem to get myself to leave the warmth of the arms I'm nestled in. I'm lying on my back, and he's curled around me, cheek pressed against the top of my head, one leg tossed casually over my thighs, it's weight heavy and reassuring. I can't move. Not that I want to. I liberate one arm, and hit snooze.

I sigh, and settle back into the cocoon. We're sticky with the sweat of sleep, but I don't care. The alarm beeps again. 8:40. Now I've really pushed it. I untangle myself limb by limb, and head reluctantly for the fastest shower in the history of the world.

I turn on some music and blowdry my hair, while the Prince sleeps on steadily, ensnarled in a mess of sheets and covers. How he manages to create this web in the 10 minutes I am gone is beyond me. I jump on top of him and kiss him 20 times, "goodbye, my love." His eyes are heavy with sleep, he's only half awake. He mumbles softly, "I miss you already."

I smile, my heart full, but he's already drifted back to his dreams. I hope they are sweet.


Further on up the road said...

You are lucky. Firstly to have found "him". Secondly 8:15!!!! I have to get up at 06:00.... And snooze is not an option if I go near that button Mrs F has a very good aim with her left foot to make my exit from the bed more speedy

EMOB said...

Thank god for the snooze average per day is 3 times, if I really want to be in trouble maybe 4!! Isn't it lovely to be in love???

Lesley said...

I second the 6am wake up. 8:15 sounds heavenly.

So glad you have this happiness!

girl and dog said...

HURRAY, Shellz! I'm so glad you're moving forward with this relationship and shedding the fear that had you doubting...

Anonymous said...

I'm just smiling my head off reading this - how cozzzzzzzzy, love that, love you and that place your in ahhhhhhhhh ((((mmm))))
p.s the fastest shower in the history of the world hmmm you must teach me these new skills - what are we talking 10
xo em..aka munchie