Thursday, May 24, 2007


When you stop your self-talk, you create a vacuum. Have intent on what you wish your life to be, and hold the essence of that intent always, but don't obsess mentally about it. Have an intent that will not bend, but don't obese mentally about it. Simply know that what you intend will be so and leave it at that. You can visualize your intent every now and then. In fact, you should visualize your intent once in a while, perhaps twice or thrice a day, for visualization is creative and highly powerful. But that's it; no need to obsess. Create a vacuum. Let nature fill it. Life is a magnificent force. When you stop filling your cup with littleness, it will fill it with greatness. Life cannot show you what it truly is if you keep telling it how it should be. When you drop your self-talk, the most amazing accomplishments begin to happen, because your self-talk, based on littleness, is what replenishes and maintains a world of littleness instead of grandeur.

- David Cameron Gikandi


Further on up the road said...

Work in progress - very much work in progress.... :-)

D.T. said...

And here I thought when you talked to yourself you were just crazy...

~ Julie ~ said...

hey shel,

lady - i hope all is well on your journeys! nothing has changed since you departed (surprise surprise), except for me been inspired by your bold actions :)
i am writing this to you from Reykjavik Iceland, where I've been these last two week (before heading to New York City.

be well,