Thursday, October 27, 2005

Animal Rights Terrorists?

Last night, we were walking through Stephensplatz - a touristy sort of area, and met some members of the Queen's Regiment in full regalia sitting in a pub. The first question they asked us was, "are you Americans?" and not without a little bit of disdain. "No, we're Canadians." Smiles lit up their faces, they apologized, and warmly offered to take some pictures with us.

Upon returning to the hotel, I began watching BBC Worldnews. The lead story was about animal rights terrorists. Apparently, a company (can't remember which one, and it doesn't really matter), was denied their listing on the NYSE at the last minute, because of threats from animal rights terrorists. Animal rights terrorists?? I'm sure there are individuals that may feel intimidated and scared by animal rights activists, but I'm not sure that you can conscientiously lump PETA in with suicide bombers. It's a bit of a stretch. It does however fit in with Bush's agenda on terrorism. Keep the American people scared. Keep them worried that terrorism is always on the front door. People who are scared don't ask questions - they just want to be safe. In fact, the newest enemy of the American people is animal rights terrorists! Run! Hide your children! But careful, because they might be disguised as suicide bombers.

Is George Bush really trying to convince the American public that the economy is tanking because of animal rights terrorists? The Bush Administration has spent close to $204,000,000,000 on the Iraq War, and the costs continue to mount every minute. This does not even begin to include human costs and psychological costs, which are perhaps the most damaging of all.

But hey, maybe I was dreaming. I'm so tired, that MUST be what happened.


angela said...

don't you just love the difference between being a Canadian and being an American when you're travelling? when i was in europe a couple of years ago, i actually had Americans ask me if i would give them my Canadian flags, so they could put them on their packs and pretend to be Canadians...ridiculous!

and i agree with you about the 'keeping the people in a state of fear' thing...although i'm not a particularly politically-minded person, i think you hit the nail on the head with that one!

Lucky said...

I wish you darn Canadians would stop rubbing it in... You know, there are at least %50 of us "Americans" that wish we were Canadians these days.

To tell the truth, if I were asked I would have said the same thing," uh, no, I'm,.. uh... Canadian."

shellz said...

Angela, Yeah, I know it's kind of crazy...I have had the same experience almost everywhere I've travelled, the perception has been the same...Americans are not very well liked around the world.

Lucky, I think this perception is kind of sad...cuz I know that there are close to 50% of you that DIDN'T want George Bush for a second term. Well, it's almost over, and it looks like people are not very happy with him on home turf these days either. Unfortunately, you'll be saddled with all of his mistakes long after he's out of office...hey, maybe you SHOULD move to Canada!