Thursday, October 27, 2005

Horror of Horrors

Working this thing REALLY sucks tonight. We were offered free tickets to THE ORCHESTRA - the Vienna Philharmonic - but cannot attend because we have yet another event to attend and videotape.

We were very close to a Starbucks last night. I was sure I caught a whiff of those glorious dark espresso beans. But alas, despite much wandering, it was not to be found. This is torture.

Fortunately, I have found a cafe in the Congress Centre that makes a decent latte - one that doesn't sear all the tastebuds off my tongue with the first sip. Sheesh, they make it strong here!

Unfortunately, there is no escaping the secondhand smoke OR the coldcuts. I have a pounding headache that doesn't go away, my clothes stink, and my eyes are a raw, red burning mess. It's so bad that even the smokers are hacking away. But maybe that's from choking on coldcuts. One can never be sure.


Mel said...

Ha ha ha....poor Shelley. Cold cuts are gross, and second hand smoke is worse. Almost done there though, right? I miss you. Can't wait to hear about your adventures and miseries and update you on mine. Nanowrimo begins this weekend, and I have made some decisions around my love life. Hurry back. Safely.

shellz said...

Hey Smelly,

Seriously! I am not opposed to having the occasional cigarette, but I think being here has killed that instinct forever. I feel like I've aged 25 years from all this smoke, and I have an almost constant headache now. BLECH! We're done shooting on Saturday, thank god. I'm tired!!!

Love life decisions?! Sounds dramatic! Can't wait to hear about it.

Swedish Girl said...

Ay, that's terrible! Missing out on the Philharmonic Orchestra! Hope you get some time to explore Vienna!

Oh, and I know what you mean about passive smoking. Working in a Scottish pub one summer actually made me give up... Eight hours of pouring beer while people puff like chimneys in your face! :-(

shellz said...

Hey Swedish Girl, yeah, I'm pretty shocked by all the smoking. It's total CRAZYNESS! and unhealthy too!