Saturday, October 29, 2005

Turkish Tart

So, I've been covering the 60th World Congress in Vienna for Junior Chamber International. It happens once a year, and brings together people from over 100 cultures and nationalities. It's a great event with training seminars, keynote speakers, and crazy parties. I mean, the parties are just INTENSE. And it's just so cool to see how similar we all are, despite our regional differences. I mean we're all people right? We all still feel the same things. It doesn't really matter where we live.

There is a girl from Turkey at this conference who I have not met. But I know who she is, because everytime she sees us, she turns it ON. It's funny how people react when you're carrying a video camera around.

"Look! It's the Turkish Tart," I say, as she miraculously appears for the twentieth time, long hair pulled on top of her head, in patterned tights, dark blush and a short skirt.

"Yes, she's like a sweet that's gone just a little bit sour..." my business partner says, scrunching up his face.

She's become a bit of a nemesis, because everytime we try to shoot some video, she suddenly appears in the camera's viewfinder. We can't have a promotional video of 5000 Congress participants filled with only 1 Turkish tart! We need to show the great variety of people that are here. It's a constant battle that we're sure to lose. The pull of potential fame is too strong.


Swedish Girl said...

Hee hee! I can imagine how you are desperately panning the camera to get away from Turkish Tart, and then a pattern-tighted leg suddenly appears doing can-can kicks in the corner...

shellz said...

Haha. Yes, the Turkish Tart is quite the nemesis...but she certainly made the shoot entertaining!

Mel said...

Shelley-read my blog. Bad news. : )