Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Whirlwind Continues

Last night was kind of crazy. I think the planets must have been playing jokes on us - as everyone seemed to run into some sort of weird mischief last night. We threw our 2nd client party with Norm Li last night, and while the party went off a hitch (pics to follow), the preparation did not. My business partner Jared, disappeared for 2 hours, stuck in traffic screaming, with our video projector and a dead cellphone. My friend Supriya took over an hour to get to my house before the party, because her first cab broke down, and the second one got a flat tire. When she finally arrived, the cabbie was friends with the concierge in my building. It was that kind of night. I collapsed into bed last night at 3AM, legs tired from dancing, and exhausted.

I woke from a fitful sleep, to prepare for a business/pleasure trip to Europe. Is it possible to dread going to Europe? I guess dread is the wrong word. More like tired. When I think of all the work that has to be done before getting there, and while we're there, I feel exhausted - even though it hasn't happened yet. I guess I'm not really living in the moment right now, but in the future...which is exhausting enough on its own. My energy's split into 2 different time zones - present and future. Sigh.

6 hours till my flight, and I haven't even begun to pack. Instead I'm blogging. Guess I'd better get to it!

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