Monday, October 24, 2005

No Starbucks in Vienna

Here I am on Day 1 of the JCI 60th World Congress in Vienna, and I am completely and totally exhausted. I already have a cold sore, and so far, I've seen the inside of my hotel room, the Austria-Vienna Congress Centre, the subway, and the grocery store. Travelling and working kind of sucks. I'm jetlagged, hungry, and totally constipated...and people smoke all over Europe. There's even ashtrays next to the toilets in the stalls. Given my extreme level of blockage, I'm kind of tempted to light up in there myself. It's probably the coldcuts and cheese I was served for breakfast on the plane ride over here. Gross.

And OMG, I can't find a Starbucks in Vienna. I am on the verge of a full scale panic attack.

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Mel said...

LOL Shelley!! I think you're constipated from the withdrawal from Starbucks. Miss you lots. Be careful.