Friday, December 16, 2005

Gary's BAAACK!

I think Gary has a crush on me. He just came by the office with a printed out copy of an email he had written, for "my entertainment." How romantic.

This is what it says:

To: All Staff who use the Refrigerator

It is time to clean out the off-code and beyond salvation perishable items in the refrigerator. If these items belong to you...please clear them out at the end of today so that they may be disposed of by evening cleaning staff.

Please be advised that at 1500hours/3p.m. Friday December 16th all items not specifically marked as retain (with the owners name on it) will be cleaned out and disposed of in the trash.

This includes: Plastic containers with unknown contents, off code yogurts, left over coffee and other items no longer identifiable.
Exempted items: Sealed soft drink/juice cans and bottles.

Be still my beating heart.


Smakie said...

hahaha whoa, what a letter. :D oohhhh baby, keep the updates going.

be still.

Mel said...

You'd better make sure you blog while you're home for the holidays. No slacking.

Miss you. Hope you got home ok.