Thursday, December 15, 2005

The First Gary

Today, I met the first Gary since my psychic reading a few nights ago. Gary rang the doorbell at my office and introduced himself. He was at least 45, wore thick glasses, and a moth-eaten sweater that looked like it had been at the bottom of a closet for 5 years. This guy was a nerd with a capital N. Honestly, I didn't think people like this existed except for in the movies. A few choice sentences:

Those are the guys who live with their mommies. - referring to people who don't clean out the fridge at work. I guess Gary doesn't live with his mommy.

Oh no, I'm a clinician, so when I wrap up my food, it's in 3 baggies, hermetically sealed for 3 generations. - still referring to food in the fridge. I guess Gary's pretty, shall we say...particular...

I ran into Gary again on my way out for lunch. He was wearing furry earmuffs the size of cinnamon buns, and looked an awful lot like Princess Leia. He waved eagerly at me with mittened hands. I guess Gary's a nice guy.

I can only hope I'll have more luck with Joseph.

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