Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not Again!

I had my Network Spinal adjustment yesterday. Essentially, Network trains your nervous and skeletal systems how to self-correct. On it's most basic level, it does this through a sort of wave that travels up and down the spine. This wave is visible, and extreme for some people. There is also an oscillating movement across and within the vertebrae. I have experienced both, felt both, and can even hear the oscillations in my spine sometimes, like a low hum inside my ears. My vertebrae have even cracked themselves spontaneously without the help of a chiropractor - my head moving on it's own, in some weird variation of an exorcism.

For the first time in a year and a half, I felt the wave at the base of my neck, in the cervical area of my spine. - an area that has been blocked for me since birth. This is also the area where I coincidently (not) fractured a vertebrae 2 years ago. Some people also say that this is the area where we store the things we do not want to see about ourselves.

This movement is now travelling from my spine, down my arm, and into my left thumb - slightly shifting bones, ligaments, tendons and joints along the way. My thumb is swelling again. DAMN!

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