Sunday, December 11, 2005

Psychic Reading

I am writing this down so that I will remember it. I had a pyschic reading last night, and want to see if any of this stuff will, in fact, come to pass. I am not too sure if I completely believe in psychics...would someone that gifted, use it to make $25 a reading in a restaurant? I am doubtful. However, I do think that there are definitely some highly intuitive people out there. I do know that the woman I saw last night was dead on about a few things. Here's what she had to say:

1. I was a Chinese Empress in a past life, and my current life is a working out of that karmic debt. I need to learn how to be grateful for all the small things in my life...not just the things an Empress would appreciate. Incidently, none of my friends are surprised by this. I'm not sure why.
2. I also had a past life in Africa, and will, one day be drawn back to Africa, specifically to South Africa.
3. I will have a marriage proposal in 2006.
4. Something good will happen in 10 days, 10 weeks or 10 months.
5. G names like Gary or Greg are significant.
6. The name Joseph is also significant.
7. She saw 3 men around me, one that I will be deeply connected to.
8. My skills lie in fundraising, event management or consulting, and I would be very successful in these areas.
9. I will be going to Hawaii in 2006.
10. My health is very very good.
11. I have just given someone an ultimatum (which I have) - and it is the right thing to do, because this person is a weight on my life.
12. My work environment will improve in March or April.

I'll let you know how all this pans out.


Mimi in NY said...

Thanks for the advice, you're probably right. I think I may go see a psychic soon. I'm fed up of not knowing.

shellz said...

Hey Mimi, nice to hear from you. You are definitely in a tough situation...but try to have faith. I really believe that everything happens for a reason, and that where we are in our lives at any given moment, is where we're supposed to be. You'll get to the next step somehow, and only then will you realize why you spent so much time HERE.