Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I attended a wedding this past weekend. After 11 years of dating, my friends Max and Jany finally tied the knot. It was a beautiful event, complete with a sunlit outdoor ceremony, filet mignon, creme brulee, dancing, flowers and a hilarious speech by the bride's father. Congrats Max & Jany! I'll miss you when you move to Texas.

I had a rare moment of total peace, watching the bride and groom dance to one of my all time favorite songs - Sade's By Your Side. This feeling hit me suddenly and instanteously, right in the heart, and my eyes filled with tears. I looked around the room filled with family and friends, love and connection, celebration and joy, and I felt blessed. I thought, this, now this is what life is about. This is all we need, and I felt impossibly FULL.

We tend to complicate life. We make things so complex. We worry and stress. We think that it is not enough. We think we should have more. Do more. Be more.

When really, it's so simple. Just look around. At all you already have. And watch the warmth spread.


Matt said...

Beautiful post. It must have been a great feeling. These moments come few and far between sometimes! Thanks for the reminder to look around and appreciate.

Furtheron said...

Nail hit head on the. Rearrange to make sense.

When I stop chasing the ultimate life and look at the one I have now I actually find that I'm not a million miles away from what I think I haven't got and what I think I want.

Just reread that and I understand but I doubt others will....

EM said...

You sound like you're in a good place Shellz.

I love that sentence Furtheron although I had to read it twice just to make sure I read it right!

And "By Your Side" is the song I walked down the aisle us, those 3 words capture the very essence of marriage and love.

David said...

Actually, I think I need a plane ticket to Europe by my side, when I look around.

hattigrace said...

Yeh, it is about connection, loving family and friends and gratitude for our path. Sometimes I do well on the gratitude part, other times I am very whiny.

I loved your word picture.