Tuesday, July 18, 2006


There are so many voices in my head.

There's one that lives in fear: Be afraid. Don't trust people. Don't give freely. There is danger all around.

One takes the easy way out: Stay in this place. Don't move. Don't grow. Don't evolve. Just stay here. In this safe little box. Stay locked in this pattern of behaviour. It's easier. It's safer. You will never be hurt if you stay here with me.

One lives in insecurity: You are not good enough. Why aren't you perfect? You should be prettier, smarter, faster, kinder, richer, better...your life would be different if you were just more...

Another says: Feel guilty. You have more than others do. Put other people's needs before yours. Bankrupt yourself. Put your life on hold. Isn't helping more important anyways?

Beneath this voice, is another, more insidious voice that says: You know better than they do. You are smarter, wiser, more experienced. And besides. When you tell others what to do, you feel better about yourself.

These are the voices of fear, and they are illusion. They do not serve my highest potential in any way. They do not come from love. They do not lead to gratitude, forgiveness, kindness or joy.

None of these voices are mine.


Jennifer said...

Ah, the voices of the easy way out...wonder how one mutes them?

Buffy said...

Someone told me once that Fear is a Liar and to leave it behind.

I like that advice.

David said...

If the voices dont belong to, why are you listening to them? The only voice you should be following is the one that speaks from your heart, because that's the voice that'll be with you and support you, no matter what path you follow. Trust it and it'll take you far.

Furtheron said...

Another terrific post.

I suffer with the voices - sometimes I listen to them too much rather than listening to my inner voice the one that tells me to the truth.