Friday, January 26, 2007


Emily and I went to a psychic fair in November, soon after we returned from our totally transformational Miami trip. We went mainly to get our aura pictures taken. Em's was blue, ALL BLUE (caring, nurturing, lives out of heart and emotions, difficulty saying no, intuitive). Mine was yellow, orange and gold (intelligent, sunny, creative, independent, spiritually minded, divinely protected).

Included with our pictures was a psychic reading. What I remember most about the reading, was the psychic telling me that I was in an extremely fertile phase....mostly because my thoughts immediately jumped to unplanned pregnancy. Bad idea. To be honest, I wasn't really sure what he meant at the time...but let me tell you, I sure understand it Now.

It's been just over 3 months since I returned from Miami, and I can say without a doubt that this has been the most consciously powerful creative time in my life. I now understand that most of the experiences in my life, the connections I have made, the people I have met, have been leading to This particular Moment in time. I feel as though I have awakened from a long slumber to find that my world is ripe with possibility. Everywhere I turn, there are new opportunities, new people and new potentials. I am struck by lightning bolt ideas on a weekly basis that I MUST put into practice, right Now. I have the intuitive sense that I am planting the seeds that will grow into the vast, abundant forest of my future, as long as I nurture them with all the patience, dedication and love I can muster.

I am so blessed.

Have a great weekend everybody! I'll be tending to my garden...(and partying a little of course!!)


Further on up the road said...

Now I never get it with psychic fairs. I see adverts for them and I think to myself...

"If this is for psychics why advertise where it is surely they'd already know. Come to that if they are that good at the psychic thing why do they need to go the fair at all 'cos they'd know whats going to be there already...."

Once I was in a pub I drank in a lot - the phone on the bar rang I picked it up as normally it was for one of the regular punters. The normal anwer being - "Oh him, he left about 5 mins ago" as he dashed out the door! This time it was a woman "Would it be possibly to hold a small psychic fair there" I replied "You tell me?" She was dumbfounded and I hung up on her.

My stupidity aside.... You are in a great place at the moment aren't you - treasure it and nuture it. Don't try to hold on to it as you'll smother or shatter it just go with it.

D.T. said...

Although I'm happy you're in a powerful creative mood, I think I'm gonna play the over-bearing Jewish mother card and cool would it have been if during your fertile phase, you gave birth?!