Thursday, January 11, 2007

Intention and Clarity

This is from an eNewsletter I receive. I wanted to share it with all of you. Enjoy.

Question: How do I break out of this negative cycle and step into the prosperity of life in my marriage, finances, emotions. Heck, just all of it? I would like to believe that it is in front of my face. I need to know what to do to make it happen so I can see it, feel it and taste it.

Answer: Thank you for bringing forth such a delightful question. Your question is one that may contribute to many because we all live in this world and exist within the polarity of positive and negative vibration. Giving you a place to begin, recognize that within an environment, a city, a home, or a business - within any type of environment you'll find a spinning of energy. This energy is a mixture of spinning emotion, thought or collective vibration. When you step into any place or environment this collective vibration combines with the spinning of your vibration. If you are not strongly rooted in your sense of yourself, with a strong definition of where you want to point your attention and your intention, you get sucked into the vacuum of the collective vibration of what you have just stepped
into. Then your vibration weakens in its energy and the collective vibration begins to strengthen in its energy.

I am pointing you in a direction to gain understanding of the dynamics of collective energy. This way you can understand that some of the things that have occurred in your life that feel negative are not necessarily from your direct intention. Rather they are related more to your lack of intention. If you do not have a direct clear plan, and if you have not specified where you would like to direct your thoughts, life, dreams and visions what happens is you emerge with the spinning vibration around you. You become that to which you connect.

What I would do if in your being is gain clarity. Look at what is in your environment. Specify all your environments including your home, your city, your family. Examine all of them and ask yourself who around you is supportive, who around you is understanding and has compassion, and who around you is not. Begin to create clarity within these relationships. Perhaps what you could do is define those who are not supportive and ask them to be supportive. If you recognize that their nature can not be supportive then you need to strengthen your vibration when around them. Become clearer about what you wish and turn towards your intention. You may begin to notice the dynamics of the relationship begin to automatically balance itself. This is a result of your clarity. Others become more supportive because they sense your self-definition.

You can also do this with any area of you life. Take your job, career, dreams, visions and desires for abundance. Begin to fuel the dreams connected to all of these areas. When you have doubt say, "Oh doubt has come into my nature. What is it wanting to point me to?" Notice where your fears lie and then gather them and place them into your heart. Use your thoughts to place them within your heart. Say to your fears, "Ok, doubts or fears, go ahead and blend in my heart. Take a nice deep breath and release. Next, invite in possibility. Begin to visualize. Think about what would bring you happiness. Now turn towards those thoughts and images. Turn towards that which you choose to create magnificently in your life and give those thoughts power. You now are creating attention to an intention. This becomes fuel. You are creating a velocity. You are creating a vibration. You are creating a tornado of energy within the nature of your intention. Now, when you step into a room, instead of that room consuming you, you will draw to you whatever is in the room that matches your vibration. Assistance will come to you and it will build with your energy. You will find the results that you wish to create.

Your question is really about intention. It is really about attention and it is about becoming clear.


jase said...

Hi Shellz,


Mwahhhhh :)

Further on up the road said...

See - how do you know what to post when I need it?

I know the answer to that don't I - the interconnectivity of life that "collective energy".

Clarity and attention... Hmm. See I find it difficult to do that, painful at times. I want the easy answer and/or I want you to solve it for me I don't want to put in the effort. But I have to. The easy softer way only leads me to more pain and more confusion in the end.

Thanks again for a very relevent post for me.

P.S. - Paris - I left home just after 6am and was in Paris at 10:30am French time i.e. 3 1/2 hours later. I don't appreciate these things do I? Even suggesting we pick a match in the rugby world cup in Paris this year and my son and I go to watch - straight over on the train and back. How cool is that?!