Monday, January 15, 2007

Images of the Mind

I'm having a day that is equally strange, and wickedly awesome. The coincidences, and examples of magical thinking just keep piling up. These incidents trip me out just as much as they confirm my belief that "life is images of the mind expressed." Why? Because it keeps happening, and I keep noticing. I suppose this is a by-product of observing my thoughts, and making the connection between what I'm thinking, and the manifesting of that thought soon afterwards.

Examples from today:

1. Before I left my condo this morning, I was listening to a song called 100 Billion Stars by Lux. I had to turn it off midway through because I was already late for work. As I turned it off, I was thinking, I really wish I could listen to that song again, it's so beautiful. Then I put on my iPod Shuffle headphones, and yup, guess what it shuffled to? 100 Billion Stars. Of course. That made me smile. Later in the day, I told a co-worker about this strange "coincidence," and when I returned to my desk, guess what song was playing on my speakers. Yup. 100 Billion Stars. Now that....that made me laugh.

2. Once I got to work, I headed to Starbucks for my daily Americano ritual. I had exactly $2.65 in my wallet which is enough for a Grande. While in line, I was thinking, I could really use a Venti today (didn't go to bed until 4AM!), too bad I don't have more money. Then I ordered, paid my $2.65, and waited at the barista bar. Lo and behold, somehow they screwed up, and I ended up with a Venti!!! Yeah, weird.

3. There's this guy at work named Robert, that is somehow on this strange Energy Meridian with me. Everytime I go somewhere, he suddenly appears or vice versa. It's really odd. It's happened so much that we have a running joke about, "get off my energy grid, you're sucking me dry," kinda thing. Today, he came over to my desk, and I said, "guess what? I bought another condo yesterday," and he says, "Yeah I know. I was just coming over to tell you that I saw you yesterday in a sales centre on Queen Street." He was driving by in his car, looked over for a split second, and saw me standing there. Ultimate weirdness.

I'm pretty tripped out, but hyper at the same time. Even though these are small things, they give me confidence that there is a link between what I'm thinking, and what's manifesting in my life. I feel like I'm on the brink of something huge. I haven't quite grasped it, but it's there. It feels like trying to remember a word, hearing it rattle around in your head, but not quite being able to articulate it.

All I know for sure is that I'm holding an image in my head of the life I wish to live, and it is exactly what I desire. Data collection is over for me. I'm in the creation phase. I have nothing to do but wait and be grateful. Because I already have everything I need.


lesley said...

Awesome! This is totally cheesy, but my thought while reading your post is that "the force is with you."

I believe that there is a connection between people's thoughts and "random" happenings in life. Whether it's called coincidence or whathaveyou, there is definitely something more to it.

Baja Babe said...

I love your blog, every time I read it you have something amazing and insightful to say.

A similar "song" thing happened to me: I was IM'ing w/a friend and trying to remember the name of a song from 1998. All I told my friend was: "It's a sad song by a really popular band from the late 90's", and he blurted out the name of the song! I asked him how he knew and he said: "Wild guess, it's just the song that's playing on my radio right now (halfway across the country)". Go figure...

EMOB said...

Send some positive energy over this way!!! It's been a hell of a week and I'm starting to droop.