Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"Where are your scarf and mittens today? It's freezing outside." the security guard in my building says, as I blow through the door. He's right. It's DAMN cold outside, with a typical Toronto combination of humidity, galeforce winds and tall buildings. I am wearing a moderately thick jacket.

Scarf? Mittens? Hat? I scoff. Not for me, no way. I hate being encumbered. In fact, I hate carrying anything extra at all. I didn't buy a purse until I turned 28. And now I realize it's because I didn't want to carry it around. It's only absolute necessity that forced me to buy one. I can't wait for the day when all our necessary information is stored in a chip in my arm. At least I won't have to carry around ID.

This even goes as far as transportation. I don't have a car and I'm relieved that I don't. The stress of always looking for parking, and paying for gas...well, it makes me feel weighed down.

Yes, I have a mortgage. But only because it costs me less than my rent did. One day, I will live in a hotel, where I won't have to worry about housecleaning, doing laundry or a kitchen. All that food demanding to be cooked. Yuck!

This feeling extends to children. I'm sure they're lovely creatures, but I don't want them. Never did. Maybe it's selfish, but woah, that's a serious encumbrance. How am I supposed to jet off to France, let alone go for a coffee, if I have a bundle of joy hanging off my arm?

It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I like to feel free.

By the way, I am on a roll. More free Starbucks coupons today. Unfortunately it doesn't have much to do with my skills. It's all about the near total incompetence of the Starbucks staff at King and George in Toronto.

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