Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mike Harris Denies

Mike Harris, the former premier of Ontario denies saying, "I want the fucking Indians out of the park," at an emergency meeting hours before Dudley George was shot and killed.

In 1995, Dudley George and 30 other native protesters moved into Ipperwash Provincial Park to protest the destruction of a sacred burial ground.

Hours after Harris' emergency meeting, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) moved into the park, dressed in riot gear and backed by snipers. By the end of the struggle, Cecil George was badly beaten, 16 year old Nicholas Cottrelle was shot and Dudley George was dead.

The protesters were unarmed.

In 1997, Sargeant Kenneth Deane of the OPP was convicted of criminal negligence causing death, after a court ruled that he did not have "reasonable belief" that Dudley George was armed. The Supreme Court of Canada denied his appeal and upheld the conviction in January of 2001. Deane was sentenced to 2 years of community service and resigned from the force in 2002.

2002?! George was killed in 1997! Why wasn't he removed from service in the OPP immediately? Why was he allowed to resign?! Two years of community service?! For killing an unarmed man. That's just insane!

In 1999, the United Nations Human Rights Committee called for "a thorough public inquiry...into all aspects of this matter, including the role and responsibility of public officials."

Yet Mike Harris and his Conservative government resisted, saying it had nothing to do with police actions that day. Wake up call Mikey! The provincial government is responsible for the OPP - that's why it's called the ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE!!

If Harris and the Conservatives really were innocent, wouldn't it make sense to just have the damn inquiry. Especially in the face of public outcry and at the urging of the United Nations. I don't know about you, but if I was accused of something so terrible, I'd sure want my name cleared. Why resist unless you have something to hide?

Harris claims he isn't guilty, but sure acts like someone who is.

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